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The Hundred Dresses: Day 78

This is without a doubt my favorite Heidi:

This is one of the few dresses that I’ve reworked after learning more about the pattern — the first version is here. The original neckline was a bit too wide — luckily I had enough extra of this fabric, because the Heidi sews up with virtually nothing.

This dress is just so fun to wear. I like to wear it with bright chartreuse tights.

Side zip, eh. The Heidi side zips are open at the top (go right into the armhole) so it’s important to make sure that you cover the scratchy bits.

And the back:

I realized while getting the next batch of dresses ready for their closeups that whoa, I have made a lot of Heidis. I don’t think all of them are going to make the Hundred dresses cut! maybe I should do a separate series of just Heidis? I’ll try to do at least a roundup. I don’t wear them as much as I used to because they’re not as well-suited for biking (they can be biked in, it’s just not as easy as in a fuller skirt).

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