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These are a few of my favorite things …

As many of you have probably figured out, I am a person of random enthusiasms. get stuck talking to me for a few minutes at a party or in an elevator and I will try to convince you of how terrific roller-skating is, or that liverwurst sandwiches with spinach and mustard on wholegrain bread are underrated, or how you ought to really try my new stupidly-expensive-but-actually-worth-it favorite lip balm.

So I thought today would be a terrific day for a random post about stuff I like (but sadly, even though I live in Chicago, I can’t actually give you all the stuff I like, the way Oprah would). stuff such as Pearson Coffee Nips, which I can’t actually eat much more than once or twice a year anymore because they really do a number on your teeth:

I know, they are total grandma candy, and strange because I don’t actually like to drink liquid coffee in any form, but, oh, the deliciousness. Mmmm.

I also really like Veronica Mars. Seriously, if you have never viewed this show, block out a week or two and sit yourself down on the couch. I’ve been rewatching (as I walk on my treadmill, another favorite thing) and I have been bowled over (again) by what a terrific show this is. (Also: love 4eva!)

And has everyone here read Josephine Tey? I recently grabbed one of her books off the shelf — Brat Farrar, my favorite — to keep me from getting a cold (did you men know this works? A favorite mystery novel, taken with either a hot bath or a bowl of popcorn, will typically pull me back from the brink if I feel like I’m coming down with something), and wondered if people even read Josephine Tey any more. and they should.

I also really like — and in some cases people are shocked to hear this — Wikipedia. I’ve dealt with reference books professionally, and I know what kinds of shenanigans can go on with them, but I find that by and large, Wikipedians do a terrific job giving you the gist about anything you may care to look up. and if you can’t count on an short article unless you know that it was written by underpaid and overstressed professional reference book editors, well, you can always skim down to the bottom of any short article and look for the source links, and then go read THEM. That alone is worth the (free) price of admission! (Disclosure: I’m on an advisory board for Wikimedia Foundation, but they don’t pay me anything.) If you have used Wikipedia this past year, please seriously consider donating to the Wikimedia foundation’s fundraiser:

I could go on and on — I haven’t even gotten to how fun it is to carry around a toy sonic screwdriver, or even expounded on the whole liverwurst thing — but I’m sure you all have work to do or other blogs to read. (Speaking of which, I did a top-ten list of blogs for this morning … it was kind of a stream of consciousness list and was, by necessity, inadequate. Ten?? I need a “Top 350” list to represent all the blogs I really love … Anyway, if you were on my list, you can pick up your fancy-shmancy blog badge here.)

So, pleased stuff I like Thursday! let me know if you end up having liverwurst for lunch.

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