God Bless the Internet

God Bless the Internet. (With a special shout-out to the U of Chicago.)

Here’s how it goes:

I post about some hilarious Darth Vader fabric I bought in Beijing, one of a series of posts where I talk about fabric shopping in China.

Nancy (this is where the U of C comes in, she’s a current student, I’m an alumna, that link there is to her blog) emails me to ask where I bought fabric in Beijing, as the search isn’t working, and she’s heading to China for the summer. I send her the link, where (incidentally) I whine about not having bought a longer length of the Darth Vader silk. I ask Nancy that if she goes, and they have it, would she mind picking it up for me? I’d Paypal her, and pay for shipping.

“No problem,” says the wonderful Nancy.

So Nancy bought me four yards, and it should be here any minute now! I’m thinking (aren’t I always thinking) maybe a Duro dress. Or maybe, since I’ll now have nearly six yards, a Duro *and* another dress.

So, in short: Darth Vader fabric is inherently funny. The Internet is wonderful. Nancy is awesome. Yay!

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