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JACKET: Alice and Olivia (also here & here)  |  SWEATER: Equipment (also similar here, here & here)  |  SHIRT: Pink Tartan (love it blue here too; previously styled here)  |  PANTS: Alice and Olivia (also similar here, here & here)  |  SHOES: Kate Spade (similar here, here, here & here)  |  SUNGLASSES: Nina Ricci (similar here)  |  POLISH: Essie (Fiji)


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Today’s look is inspired by emails that I’ve received from many of you requesting more looks that fall into the “Creative” category of the blog.  Huge thanks to those of you who have taken the time to shoot me a message; it’s always so valuable to hear from you and better understand your workplaces and associated sartorial challenges.


While I’ll be back next Friday with a “Casual Friday” post, I thought I’d offer up a little something for those readers who are lucky enough to work in super creative environments that allow for a bit more fashion-forwardness (Exhibit A: leather pantalones; exhibit B: Beadazzled bomber Jacket).  These loose-fitting leather pants and bomber jacket offer a contemporary alternative to their more traditional trouser and blazer counterparts, while the collared shirt and formal textiles throughout keep the look elevated enough to let people know you mean business.


For those of you who don’t work in fashion, advertising, or the like, hopefully you can derive something from today’s post as well.  With the enduring leather craze in fashion, designers have continued to use leather in creative ways, allowing for the material to be incorporated into even the most conservative workplace ensembles.  Whether it’s a loose fitting leather trouser like you see today, a leather pencil skirt (like this post), a leather panel sheath dress (like I featured in this post) or even a blazer with leather trim, you can make it happen at the office if you’re thoughtful about styling the leather elements in a way that aligns with your own professional environment.


In addition to leather, we’ve seen lots of bomber jackets in the last few years, many of which can make the grade at work and even offer a reprieve to the line up of blazers that you may have (definitely have) grown a little (super) tired of.  I don’t mean to throw undue shade on classic blazers, but if you’re looking for a fresh alternative, check out this jacket (my favorite), this jacket and this jacket―three examples of bomber-style jackets that you can sport at work without looking and/or feeling like you belong on the set of Rebel Without A Cause.  And on that note, happy Friday!  Tomorrow is Saturday.  GO CRAZY.



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