Alpha Q for T-shirts!

here we have a group of graphic artists that put to funny use their knowledge in fine arts and contemporary design. They succeeded in irritating prudes in an amazingly easy, yet covert way. I must say I didn’t get it the first second since the word Alpha will make you think of completely different things, not nearly as hilarious as these designs. and then the Q made me laugh, ’cause I love dirty jokes that tell the truth. and that is what the “Alpha Q for your vote” does!
You see in their designs pop culture, mixed with street art, vintage rock shirts and – yes – typography! It’s a little of everything, carefully arranged together to have a “naughty work of art”, to put it in their words.
I can’t find these offensive to wear on a t-shirt because they’re made for those with enough sense of humor and wit not to take it personally. and those that feel offended – well, I don’t think they  really got the punch line.
Alpha Q have 8 t-shirts and they’re all pretty nice to start with; and they also have v-neck t-shirts that sit really well both with men and women. So kudos for that! My favorite of them design-wise has to be “Alpha Q for your vote”, but because I love mint I’m gonna go for “Alpha Q for a drink“.
Be sure to check out their cool Facebook page where they have a very active community and the funniest of posts; encourage them to do the same on their blog and, of course, you can challenge them to a chat on Twitter!
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