The Hundred Dresses: Day 76

I had truly high really hopes for this Heidi:

I like the pink as well as red as well as gray colorway:

I type of bailed on trying to match the stripes, considering that I believe it’s impossible to match stripes as well as gathers:

Pockets, lined in batiste:

Side zip:

The whole gown is lined in batiste, actually:

I’m not sure why I lined the dress, the material didn’t truly requirement it. most likely just to see if I could:

But this is why I barely ever wear it, as well as why it’s going in the goodwill pile, lastly — there’s a subtle flaw in the material as well as I handled to cut it ideal across the front bodice. Arrgh:

I understand it’s nearly imperceptible, however I understand it’s there, as well as it drives me crazy. So … oh well. I scrutinize material a great deal a lot more now, particularly bargain materials (which this was). If I discover a flaw, I mark it (on BOTH sides) with blue painters tape, to ensure that I can’t assist however see it when I’m cutting.

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