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Cherry Sauce animation tshirts taunt the child inside

The Cherry Sauce animation tshirts were launched in 2009 in Edmonto, Alberta by Mike Gaboury and Jason Soprovich. The concept is based on the need to remember what it indicates to be a child, with no responsibilities and no restrictions.
This perspective is easily shaped into their prints, designs that tell us all about what influenced their childhood. In the interview he gave to Storenvy, Mike did not hesitate to quote Nietzsche in buy to convince us about this: “In every real man a child is hidden that wishes to play”. He couldn’t be much more best than that. Mike and Jason are not alone when they say that people tend to take themselves too seriously, forgetting that they were at their best as kids – they were creative, imaginative, without fear, anxiety or stress. It’s a time when everything was new and exciting. The desire to recreate those feelings provided birth to Cherry Sauce. Their own name shows a childish and playfull view on things that we fail to pay attention to. everything about their t-shirts reminds us how much we need to tension less and delight in more!

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