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Cloudy with a possibility of procrastination

things have been hectic around Dressadayland lately. great deals of work, great deals going on … as well as after the large 100 days of gowns blogamaradressathon, I was all set with a huge listing of other things I wished to blog about again. I’ve got some great books piled as much as review, I have some plans for gown dataviz based on my kinda-mostly updated Google Doc tracking the 100 gowns postings, as well as likewise some auxiliary photos (I didn’t publish any type of skirts, for instance, as well as there were a number of “hey show us your whole closet!” photo requests). to ensure that thing where you have a great deal of plans as well as they all seem type of significant as well as where are you going to begin as well as oh by the method your day task is super-busy as well as likewise you may be having some type of RSI issue that indicates you have to cut down on some typing for a week or two? Yeah, that. That is what has happened.

BUT. things have settled down ever-so-slightly, I am no longer having disturbing pins-and-needles sensations in both hands, as well as I went to XOXOfest weekend before last in Portland, so I came back super-inspired to DO STUFF. (And, evidently, to utilize a great deal of CAPS for EMPHASIS.)

I will publish a lot more about XOXO, which was remarkable as well as remarkable as well as all the other affectionate adjectives that begin with A, however I did want to share this gown I made particularly to wear at the conference, which is in Portland, Oregon. have you ever seen material that is a lot more completely location-matched?

This is a Frankenstein gown — the exact same combination of patterns as this dress. Here’s the bodice; I’m truly digging these raglan sleeves:

Here’s the zipper, which, well, I’m extremely pleased of. this truly worked:

And the back:

This material is from Superbuzzy — the gray colorway is gone, however they still have a (very cute) navy as well as white …

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