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I don’t normally put out pattern calls (because otherwise that’s all I’d do, and because putting out pattern calls often informs folks that a particularly desirable pattern EXISTS, which normally leads to even a lot more people trying to find it, benefiting the original pattern-coveter not a whit) but I am making an exception in this case because 1) it’s for a wedding, specifically Shannon’s wedding, and 2) it is completely freaking gorgeous.

So, if you have a line on this pattern, will you let me know? Or if you know of a modern equivalent, or something that could be altered into a affordable facsimile of this pattern …

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I don’t know how lots of of y’all Twitter, but I have made a decision that it would be a very funny idea if I were to twitter as fake Diana Vreeland, sending out “Why Don’t You …” tweets (both some of her original ones and new ones in her “style”) at irregular intervals. If you are on Twitter and want to follow fake Diana Vreeland, she is here. (I also tweet random words at this Twitter account.)

Also: to come later this week: the return of the meet Our Advertisers feature!

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